Its been a long time I blogged. Got a bit busy changing my job and adjusting to the new environment.
Its been over 2 months now in my new company. Time flies. Settling down in my new company, new role. After 5 years, I took the step of changing my job. 5 years is a long time, had mixed experiences. Many good moments, some bad, many memorable moments I have had in the past 5 years. I made some really good friends for life.
At this moment am enjoying my new phase of life, not really sure whats store in future. Whatever it turns out to be, I will continue blogging more frequently from now.

Bawra Mann - Song of the moment

Watched the movie Hazaaroon Khwaishein Aisi today. The Bawra Mann song is so mesmerizing. Everytime I hear this song, there is something that stirs inside me which gives the zeal and energy to dream, to achieve!! Just love this song...
A man is not old until regrets take the place of dreams.
Bawra mann dekhne chala ek sapna,
bawra mann dekhne chala ek sapna….
bawre se mann ki dekho bawri hai bateein,
bawre se mann ki dekho bawri hai bateein,
bawri si dhadkane hai, bawri hai saasein,
bawre si karwaton se nindiya door bhaage,
bawra se nain chahe, bawre jharokhon se,
bawre nazaaron ko takna.. 
bawra mann dekhne chala ek sapna…
bawre se is jahan mein, bawara ek saath ho,
is sayani bheed mein, bas, haathon mein tera haath ho,
bawri si dhun ho koi, bawra ek raag ho,
O bawri si dhun ho koi, bawra ek raag ho,
bawre se pair chahe, bawre taranon pe,
bawre se bol pe thirakhna… 
 bawra mann dekhne chala ek sapna…
bawra sa ho andhera, bawri khamoshiyan,
bawra sa ho andhera, bawri khamoshiyan,
thartharti louh madhdham, bawri madhoshiyan, 
bawra ek ghoongta chahe, haule haule dil bataein,
bawra ek ghoongta chahe, haule haule bin bataein,  
bawre se mukhde se sarakna.. 
bawra mann dekhne chala ek sapna
bawra mann dekhne chala ek sapna…
                                                    - Hazaaroon Khwaishein Aisi

Superstitions - To Believe Or Not To Believe

Today after a long time, thought of blogging and was thinking of a topic for my blog. After a long thought process, I couldn't arrive at a proper blog topic, so decided to cut my nails. The moment i started cutting my nails, my mom started scolding me. For a moment, I failed to understand why she was scolding me. Then she told me cutting nails on a Saturday is a bad omen. She also told me, I should also never cut nails after sunset on any day. Well, when I asked her the reason behind it, she had no answer, she just said its bad.

Similarly, there are many credulous belief or notion in this world which are not based on any reasonable proof or knowledge but still people tend to believe them.

Whether we believe in these superstitions or not, but when somebody says its a bad omen, we tend to believe it. I personally don't believe in these things but subconsciously I have believed in few of these superstitions over the years. In fact many of us would have believed in them at one or other instances.

I can list a few beliefs which I have heard from my elders from my childhood.

1. Do not proceed if a cat crosses your path.
2. Never ask the question "Where are you going" when somebody is leaving the house.
3. Never get a hair cut on a Tuesday.
4. When you wake up in the morning, always wake up from the right side.
5. Never leave your slippers in your bedroom. Seeing slippers as soon as you wake up in the morning is bad omen.
6. Right eye twitching is good for men, left eye twitching is good for women.
7. If there is itching on the right palm (left for female) you can get some money or favors.
8. If there is itching on the left palm (right for female) brings bad luck.
8. If a lizard makes a sound when you make a statement, it indicates that what you said is true.
9. Coconut tree, Ashoka Tree, Banyan Tree etc are considered sacred. Never cut them.
10. Repeated hiccups indicates someone's thinking of you.

and this list goes on. 

World No Tobacco Day

May 31 of every year is considered as "World No Tobacco Day".
I wonder why this day or any day related to tobacco would be important to me. Actually this is a question which most of us ie: non- smokers have in our minds.
Well, though I am a non-smoker or I don have any forms of tobacco like Cigarettes,cigars,pipes, bidiskreteks, clove cigarettes, snus, snuff, smokeless forms like gutkakhainipaan masala with tobacco etc, I cannot call myself a non-tobacco user since I am a passive smoker.
Now what is passive smoking?
It is also known as secondhand, involuntary or Environmental tobacco smoking. It is basically the breathing in and exposure to other people's cigarette smoke.
Environmental tobacco smoke is one of the biggest sources of indoor air pollution. As well as making your home or your workplace smell bad, it also, more importantly can lead to lung cancer and heart disease in smokers and in non-smokers. Non-smokers who are exposed to breathing in tobacco smoke at home have a 25% higher risk of developing lung cancer or heart disease. If this is added to exposure in the workplace and public places, the risk goes up to as high as 60%. Now, if this stats is to be believed, sub-consciously this makes me think about tobacco and importance of world non tobacco day to a non-smoker or a non-tobacco user like me. It makes me wonder, "Why should I be the victim of somebody's pleasure?"

Interestingly when I ask the smokers I know to quit smoking, I almost end up getting similar response "I am trying". Well, there are very few smokers who actually tell me they love smoking. But 90% of the time I hear smokers wanting to quit smoking and they are trying hard to do the same. This makes me appreciate the 10% who atleast accept that they love smoking or they cannot quit smoking. I agree with the fact that any addiction to quit, requires a lot of will power and determination, but it is not an impossible task. So the 90% who are trying to quit smoking have more will power and determination to smoke rather than to quit.This is the nature of addiction they have for smoking.

Mark Twain once said "Giving up smoking is the easiest thing in the world. I 
know because I've done it thousands of times". 

So I can only sympathize and empathize the 90% of smokers who want to quit smoking and I pity them for the lack of sheer will-power in them. 

To all the 90% smokers, its better to be in the 10% rather than faking about quitting this addiction. If you really have the will to quit, you are already 50% out of this addiction,you just need to resist your temptation further to make it 100%. 
Someday I hope to find atleast 90% of the world population as non-smokers :).


Love Changes The Person In You

She met her best friend after a year. They have been friends for 13yrs now. Over the conversation he told her she has changed and he likes the change in her. She raised an eyebrow questioning him about what he actually meant. He said she has mellowed down from what she was. 

He continued "You were a tom-boy, very straight forward,frank, just spoke what came to your mind instead of thinking. You were caring, affectionate,a very good friend, a little dumb which you still are but with a difference. There is something more intellectual in the way you deal with things now. You have always been strong but I see in you a more strong emotional and sensitive individual who responds to human emotions in a much better way. He couldn't explain it further."
She gave it a thought and she knew exactly what he was saying and he was right. Now she was a better individual.

He asked her who that lucky guy was. She just smiled. He said "you have always been good at hiding emotions or I must say you were not an emotional person at all. But now you are doing a poor job of hiding your emotions. She continued smiling but tears rolled through her eyes and she could no more control them."
He knew she was in love. He dint ask her further. He just sat beside her and assured her she can talk to him, she can cry and that doesn't make her weak. He understood she was trying to let go and move on. He wanted to know what happened with his friend. She had never been expressive. But today he wanted her to express herself and reduce her baggage.
With lot of convincing she finally opened up.

She told her friend she was in love. The change in her was because of her love. She continued "I love him a lot, I respect him. He taught me to laugh, to cry, to express, to love. He taught me to do things together. Though i knew there was no future for my relationship with him, he made me feel secured. He was my mentor. He had been the only person who understood me ever, though I denied it when I was with him and he was the only person whom I made an effort to understand and I was quite successful in understanding him. He was my secret Santa. He had been the best experience in my life till date.With him I was just being myself, the real 'me'. He always asked me what made me fall in love with him and I always had a blank expression on my face, I could never answer his question. But today when I look back, I just love him for the person he was, his sense of humor, his frankness, his temper, his possessiveness, his smartness and the list goes on. He was my pillar of strength. He had always been truthful to me which made me respect him more. We were not perfect individuals. We had our own drawbacks, but together, with the imperfections, there was a perfect relation. A relation built on trust.We never discussed our problems but still stood by each other, helping each other in our trying times. According to him, I was his angel."

She continued with tears rolling through her eyes " I knew everything would end soon, I knew he would be gone. He gave me memories to treasure for life. We shared no hard feelings against each other. It was a mutual decision to part ways. Today he is gone but memories linger, baggage of the relation remains. This moment makes me weak but this too shall pass. He taught me the best lessons of life and now I am learning to live without him. I will be strong".

She continued "I have learnt from my experience, relationships never end, they change and today I am finally ready to accept the change. I accept the fact that I have to let go and move on. Moving on doesn't mean forgetting him, but accepting the fact of growing old without him, accepting the fact that we were not destined to be together".

Her best friend listened to her with patience. He held her hand and said "You are a good human being and you deserve the best, probably your best man is yet to come. You need to close this chapter of your life and open up yourself for a new chapter, a new beginning."

They both sat there for a while. She finally said "With due credit and respect to the person I loved the most, I will close the most treasured chapter of my life. I will open up and create new memories, start a new phase of life with no regrets, I will love again, I will trust again. Falling in love changes an individual and I am glad about the person I am today".


First Post Finally!!!

It has been on my cards for more than 5yrs now that I should start blogging. Finally with lot of initiation from my friends I am entering the blogging world. I am not a good writer but I have promised myself that I will try and do a good job of writing in my blog.

This blog is not about anything in particular, but about everything under the sun: life experiences, best moments, worst nightmares, best dreams, mundane things, cooking, travel and the list goes on.

I will try and express my opinions through my writings.

Thanks for reading. I really appreciate it. Comments and opinions are always welcome. Will write more often.


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